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Lots of tips at The Liz Library and Custody Preparation for Moms and Beware Family Court: What Victims and Advocates Should Know and California NOW Family Court Report 2002 and Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (JAIL for Judges) and, finally, Other Assorted Links

Welcome to Families Against Court Travesties, Inc.

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Who We Are

Formed by a coalition of Family Court victims and activists in the South Palm Beach County Chapter of NOW, Families Against Court Travesties, Inc. (FACTS) is primarily concerned that the family court system is harming children by treating them as property, ignoring their rights to contact with both parents, denying their parents due process, and in general not considering the children’s best interests. Some of us are victims of these injustices, some are friends and family members of victims, and some are simply devoted to healthy children and families.

Our Goal

Our aim is to improve the family court system and to prevent future injustices against children, women and families. We hope to do this by promoting awareness of the problems, changing legislation, holding the judges, lawyers, guardians-ad-litem and psychologists accountable for their actions---and, most importantly, by focusing on the health and well being of our children.

What You Can Do

Join FACTS: Go to Facts Court Watch and click on "Join This Group!"

Volunteer to monitor and evaluate proceedings in the Family Court, join our demonstrations, call and write letters to the media and government officials, etc.

You can obtain a court watch report form or view our schedule of events.